Byron Phung

Byron Phung

Web Developer & Aspiring Entrepreneur


To empower society through more available and intelligent uses of information by crafting interactive, integrated web platforms.

Working Smarter

I can't imagine how I'd manage my work, personal, and computing life without even just a little bit of automation.

Pursuing the Future

Where artificial intelligence is embraced as technology that improves user experiences through smarter uses of data.

Sharing Knowledge

Ideas, careers, cats, cars, tech news, etc. - I love talking to, listening to, and learning from everyone I have the pleasure of interacting with.


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Byron Phung

Web Development

Explore my work, personality, and passions.

Try it out on your mobile devices (swipe, interact, etc.) and get a glimpse of my approach towards the future of web development.

Carmmunity: Exotics

Mobile App Development | Wearables

A platform for the global community of car spotters.

Best Use of Esri API at HackPoly 2016

3rd in Competitive Spirit Challenge

Featured Staff Pick on Portfolium

Web Development

Redesigned front-end & internal infrastructure to incorporate Material Design and automation via Google APIs, PHP, and MySQL.

Summer Officer Retreat

Mobile App Development

Android application similar to Google's I/O 2015 app that provides event information with a clean UI guided by Material Design principles.

Featured Staff Pick on Portfolium

Get it on Google Play

Game Development

Android mini-game for my own personal development & amusement, inspired by a physics lecture on electron drift velocity.

Available on the Google Play Store

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Byron Phung

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